What people say 


About the Quantum Impact Expeditions

"I now feel like I am alive"

(N., the Netherlands)

"Deep down I knew it was time for a change, but how to make it happen?

Carole's questions are powerful and touch you at the core.
During the Expedition I learned to feel in possibilities instead of thinking in limitations. I received clarity on the right way for me to go in life.

I could experience that if I just take one step in that direction, other doors are always opened.
I discovered that I don't need to be in a rush to get results. That the moment I create the space to focus on what I really want, the ideas start to flow and the people and resources come my way.

The group coaching was enriching. Especially being together with like-minded people with a completely different background, the open space for creation and the input from Africa.

Through the Expedition I discovered that I want to experience life as an adventure.
And that what truly matters to me is that I am an open and honest person in my purest form.

I now feel like I am ALIVE!"

"Healing automatically happens in Carole's presence”

(Astrid, General physician and lifestyle medicine)

Carole's power is in her ability to be. So beautiful to see how her words, body and actions are so attuned to her self.
Healing automatically happens in her presence."


"She brings you to heaven"

(Hashim, Professional in Marketing)

"Carole makes you face your own hell before she brings you to heaven.
If we would all admit we need her guidance, the world would be a better place.
I am forever grateful I met her.” 

"I feel like a different person:
lighter, happier and with more energy”

(L., the Netherlands)

"Before the Expedition, I lived in my mind. I pushed myself a lot and could worry if something didn't work out the way I had planned. I set the bar high and was used to living and working with a tight schedule.

During the Expedition I discovered how I limited myself. If my tight schedule didn't work, I blamed myself. This led to a downward spiral, where I only got more and more stuck in my head and thoughts.

During the Expedition I was able to experience what it is like to be free to do what feels right. I learned that if I give myself space, I get new energy and become happier. I discovered that life is more fun when I don't make it too difficult or stressful for myself. I also learned that it is okay if I "don't know it".

I learned to work with a TODAY-list instead of a to-do list. This gave more space to focus on what I experience as joyful.

Now I give myself the space and freedom to let my feelings guide me. The question: “What do I feel I want or need now?” is leading in the way I organise my life and work. I have more confidence in the work I deliver, good is good enough.

The group coachings were inspiring and gave a confidential feeling. It was good to know that I am not alone. I found that others face similar challenges. This recognition in the other also empowered me in my own development."

"I now know how to best manage myself as a person and entrepreneur"

(Nana, Start-up Entrepreneur)

"I now believe that the world around me is a reflection of me. How I relate and act, creates my world.
Carole let me experience how to bring me to myself. Because I keep on feeling how she did that, I know now how to best manage myself as a person and an entrepreneur.

The direct result was that I was selected as top 10 finalist for total Startupper of the Year. I was selected as start-up with the highest prospects of solving problems and making a positive impact in society."

"Carole has a very powerful energy that she works with while embracing you with it"

(Mieke, Professional in PR & Communication)


"I gained a lot more inner confidence that I can truly be who I am

(Sandra, Soulful Documentary Maker)

"In a beautiful way Carole let me experience what the essence of life is for me and my personal journey as a human being; finding my inner light and sharing it with the world.

I gained a lot more inner confidence that I can truly be who I am. And feel from there what the 'next step' is for me. Carole showed me how I can live my life even more from my creation power."  


"Why should I struggle to believe that a soul exists,
while I can feel it so powerfully within myself?

(N., South-Africa)

"The Expedition was very fulfilling to be part of and an invaluable experience. To feel so connected while there was such diversity in ages, in  countries and in where we are in our own journey. To hear stories and troubles from the idealised Western world and from other African countries.

Personally, I got re-assurance that it is nothing weird to have soul urges and to follow these.
My soul desires to move away from pushing towards results, from systems and from rules I have to live up to.

I learned that my soul is an embodiment of who I am.
Why should I struggle to believe it exists, while I can feel it so powerfully within myself?

I now trust that change is part of life and that I can feel within what are the right choices to make and things to do for me."  

"I feel soothed and re-energised"

(Muriel, Specialist Online Marketing)

"Carole, you are reflecting the memory of who I have always been but have forgotten: The Light that I am in essence.
Thank you for recognising me.
I feel soothed, energised and creativity flows in the quietness of your presence.
I am Home, I am Home, I am safe.”


About the book This is my true Africa 

Go here for more information the book in Dutch. Go here for more information about the book in English.

"A wonderful story to devour"

"A book that I totally got me right away. A wonderful story to devour.
With a very fine writing style Carole invites you to go on a journey with her.
It is exciting and I was really looking forward to what was going to happen next.
It touched me on an emotional level and made me think; what is my life story and what choices do I have to make now?" - Analiza


"Powerful wisdom in a simplicity that touches"

"What a fantastic book, a real page-turner. I read it with immense pleasure. It came straight into my heart and it moved me to tears. I didn't have to think while reading and all sorts of things were happening within myself. It gave me many insights into where I am in the processes of my own personal journey.

Wonderful how Carole managed to capture the essence of life. How she describes the connection with people in Ghana. Everything is focused on what they meant to her own growth as a human being. She shows you how there is a lesson for her in every encounter and experience that comes her way.

The book is written with such lightness that it is not only a testimony to her confidence and courage to live and be fully in alignment. It is simultaneously an encouragement to the reader to do so him/herself.

Carole has made the comprehensive nature of her life relatable to the reader in a very beautiful way. As a result, it touches and encourages a sincere exchange between people. It is powerful wisdom in a simplicity that touches." 

Sandra Korse (Soulful documentary maker)
Note: The book inspired Sandra to follow Carole in Ghana during 4 months.
This led to the creation of the documentary Back to our Roots 

"What I was left with is a sense of calmness in me"

"Carole takes you on the journey of her heart. The book is a pleasant alternation between the processes going on inside of her and descriptions of what is happening between her and the environment she is in. From the beginning, I wanted to keep reading. Before I knew it, I was at the end. What I was left with is a sense of calmness in me. At the same time, I am very curious to see how she fared from here.

It is beautiful to see how Carole started out in Northern Ghana in 2010 with a focus on creating results and hitting milestones. As she lives there, she gradually realises she has to let these go and you see her blossom as a person.

To me, Carole is an incredibly courageous woman.
She keeps going and seems to never give up. She shows the reader that you always have choices. That the next thing comes naturally on your path if you stay close to your heart. If you listen inside yourself to what is important to you. Her choices encourage the reader to actively take his or her next step."

"What stays with me most is the difference I can make by being self-aware

"A book I devoured!
A beautiful and sensitive story that touched me in the heart. I just wanted to know and read more. Carole takes you into her story and life journey from pure vulnerability. With that she is a tough and courageous woman for whom I have a lot of respect. She showed me how I too can go through life questioning. That I may be in my heart. That in that flow of being, I automatically find the right words. That what I express and who I am, comes to me.

What stays with me the most is the difference I can make by being self-aware. When I feel and react from my deepest inner self, I invite others to do the same. In this way I can plant a seed. And that seed can later plant another seed. In this way we create a world of people who act from love and not from fear.

In my relationships the book led to beautiful and open conversations with each other. In connection, without judgment and with respect, so that everything can and may be there. We realized that we may be vulnerable, including the tears from our feelings and our hearts. That the power of relationships is that we let each other be who we are, including our lesser sides."

"I felt it did all sorts of things to me on a subconscious level

"A book that I was completely into and wanted to keep reading. I felt it did all sorts of things to me on a subconscious level.

Carole's story is impressive, beautiful and special. Sometimes bizarre and at the same time very recognisable. She writes straight from the heart and gave me a glimpse into her soul. The openness about her personal journey was confrontational and incredibly inspiring at the same time.

From my own field of expertise and interest in personal and talent development, it was great to get an insight into what Carole does as a transformational guide. And especially in what way she does it."

"Beautiful, intelligent, wise and valuable"

"Beautiful, not only because the layout is well thought out, but especially because it is a personally lived story. Without ornament or boastfulness.

Intelligent, because the sequencing of the narrative theme is well thought out with a head and a tail, well thought-out side steps and the whole tightly arranged on main and supporting matters. Important conclusions and learning points perf chapter in order and coherence.

Wise, because the station of dogmas and truths has passed and has given way to stages of admiration, wonder and abiding questioning. A reflection that goes beyond result-oriented conclusion.

Valuable, because it shows that on the basis of feeling, intentions, logic and self-confidence, but also on the basis of hope and optimism, things can be achieved that many people do not think possible. In addition, it provides a vision on humanity, talent development and forms of coexistence that can support a discussion about this and deepen the image of this."

A few more one liners

"This book gives a lot of food for thought"

"Clear, inspiring, recognizable!"

"What a wonderful book, it touches. What an inspiration. Admiration and respect. You're a beautiful person, Carole!"

"How beautifully you have written it, lifelike. Wow. It's a trip to Ghana that's going on in my head."

"When I read it, it's like I'm traveling with you."

"It seems like you become completely 1 with what you write about. You are a writer's talent.
I'm curious to read more of you."


About Carole as a guest speaker 

Ted den Ouden

"Founder Business Positivity and Platform for happiness"

“Meetings with Carole are a true experience.

She is extremely open about herself and at the same time a sharp mirror for you."


Gerard Schoenmakers

"Network Society '68"

“What a powerful insight into her personal mission, achieved successes and perspective on the development of Africa did Carole give.

She has left an indelible impression. Her life choices and story challenge and encourage to reflect on ourselves."


Co-creative partners 

Ingrid ten Dam

"Rabobank Medewerkersfonds (sponsor)"

“The structure of activities shows the motivation, the innovative capacity and the successful realisation by Carole Donkers, what she has in mind."



Erik Smithuis

Founder ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen, Speaker, Author

“Rarely do I meet people who have and embody such a complete vision.
Carole is the living example of the creative ability and entrepreneurship I believe in for the future.”


Dana Miccuci

Award winning Author, Journalist, Speaker, Healing practitioner

“I worked with Carole in my program for female leaders who are at the forefront of creating a new paradigm. It was an honour and a joy.  I found our deep 1-on-1 sessions to be enlivening and uplifting.

Carole brings such passion, devotion and intelligence to everything she undertakes. And she leads authentically from her heart. She is a radiant force of light, love and healing in the world and will be in service to many.”


Ibrahim Mustapha

"Founder Public Speaking & Entrepreneurship Institute"

“Once her clients are guided by Carole, they are able to develop creative and innovative ideas. With her purpose driven  guidance techniques, they get the opportunity to launch their ideas from the idea stage to real and impactful businesses. Carole definitely guides every client and business to greater heights."


About the Documentary Back to our Roots 

Go here for more information about the documentary


"I was deeply impressed, Carole.
Very nice to see how you chase your dream and how the 3 men each use their talent in their own way.

The film is full of beautiful and valuable messages for us from Africa. I was very touched. And I am sure I am going to watch it again."

Daphne Janssen, Egg Foundation

"Dear Carole, we don't know each other, but I saw your film. Wonderful. Let's heal the world.
Beautiful and so pure. I feel such a special energy to connect all wisdom from all parts of the world to serve the highest good and humanity with it. To connect with our deepest inner wisdom and power.

We are ready and it is high time. Thank you from my heart for your task and mission and surrender in this life, on earth."

Irene Geerken

"What a wonderful documentary. And what a spirituality. How special to be a part of this and to be able to see up close for a moment what moves you so much, Carole. I feel and know it.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this beautiful documentary.


"How nice that seems to me, to know the reason for your existence and to know how to find it.
I am still searching and am not always understood in that. "
You have your job, house, car, friends and vacations, don't you?" Something is missing.... 

Wonderful documentary, Sandra and Carole." 

Margriet Yntema

"What a wonderful documentary. What a beautiful people are interviewed. The joy of life, uncomplicated, honesty, passion, love and desire to contribute something positive, splashes off.

The open-mindedness of those who are interviewed, is very hopeful and inspiring! It has also triggered me again to reconnect with my mission in life.


"I watched the documentary and I find it even more powerful than your book, Carole. The logic, the images, the music, seeing everyone in their element and power is beyond powerful.

I am also very happy with the message.
Thanks for your inspiration and thanks for just doing it, following your soul path! Keep it up..."


"I take a lot of hope and inspiration from the documentary. Very nice how Carole is both inspired and down-to-earth, the things she says really touch."


"What a wonderful documentary with a very beautiful message.
Always keep believing in your deeper inner feelings and in the life you lead.
Always try to remain yourself and believe in yourself