Privacy statement  

Effective date: October 15, 2021

The Rhythms of Africa, an initiative of Carole Donkers | Creators 4 Humanity, hereinafter referred to as CADO | C4H, considers careful handling of your personal data of great importance. Your personal data is carefully processed and secured. The requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are central to this.

CADO | C4H, located at Hertog Karellaan 30, 5431 GX Cuijk, The Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of personal data.
Content privacy statement 

This privacy statement explains which personal data is collected and used and for what purpose. This entails that:

  • Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided.
  • Processing of your personal data is limited to only those data that are minimally necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.
  • You are asked for explicit permission if your data is used for other purposes.
  • Appropriate technical and organizational measures have been taken to guarantee the security of your personal data.

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No personal data is provided to other parties beyond Kajabi, unless this is necessary for the implementation of the purposes for which they were provided.

Legal basis
CADO | C4H processes personal data based on one of the following legal grounds:

  • Consent of the data subject
    (Note: This privacy statement is available online at the website and lives up to the obligation to do so).
  • Specific purposes, such as the performance of - or with a view to performing - a service.

Specific purposes for which personal data is processed
CADO | C4H processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • Implementation of the services offered in the form of (online) lectures, coaching, sessions, workshops/creation circle, development trips and retreats.
  • Sending information you have requested by submitting personal details through the website.
  • Maintaining contact, calling or e-mail, in response to a message and leaving personal data via the website.
  • Handling and sending invoices.
  • Email (with your permission) updates and newsletters, including information about services or products.
  • The optimal functioning of the website.
  • Keeping track of website usage statistics. These are generic reports and cannot be traced back to individual visits.
  • Handling questions and complaints.

Personal data that are processed:
For the newsletter via
The newsletter via offers in-depth topics, including information about services and products. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

  • Name
  • E-mail address

For the online programs, personal guidance and donations:  

  • Name
  • Company name (when applicable)
  • Address
  • City
  • E-mailaddress
  • Phone number
  • This data is processed to send you an invoice and to maintain contact with you in relation to the performance of the service.

For retreats in Ghana
The above information, including:

  • Copy of your flight ticket or flight details
  • The company with which your travel insurance has been taken out, including the policy number
  • Name and telephone number(s) of persons who can be called in case of calamities

This information is used to organize and facilitate your trip and if, during the Reconnection retreat, you are unexpectedly unable to contact us yourself.

In case CADO | C4H cooperates with an organizing party in the form of a travel organization, this data will be passed on to them. You will be known and informed about this in advance. Your data is only provided for the purpose; to optimally arrange and organize your trip.

The organizing travel organization falls under the responsibility of CADO | C4H regarding the protection and processing of your personal data. CADO | C4H has an agreement with this party that meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Photo and video material can be made during the Reconnection retreats. Visual material in which you are visible with your face will not be published on the web or made available to third parties in any other form without your permission.

Sharing personal data with third parties

  • CADO | C4H may share personal data with third parties, but will only do so if this is necessary for the performance of the service. This applies to the purchase of The Creator in You, the sponsorship and the Reconnection retreats. CADO | C4H concludes an agreement with a party that meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • CADO | C4H does not sell data to third parties.

Retention period
CADO | C4H does not store personal data for longer than is strictly necessary for the purpose for which it was provided unless the data must be kept longer based on a statutory regulation or provision.

CADO | C4H takes the protection of data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. Security procedures prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to personal data (for example, using secure connections when you enter your personal data digitally).

Your rights regarding your data
You have the right to inspect and to correct or delete the personal data that you provide to CADO | C4H has provided. Contact details of owner Carole Donkers are at the top of this document. You can also object to the processing of your personal data (or part thereof) by CADO | C4H or collaborating third parties.

Privacy statement changes
CADO | C4H reserves the right to make changes to this statement. It is recommended that you consult this statement regularly.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this Privacy Statement, please contact us:

  • By email: [email protected]
  • By phone number: +31 - (0)6 - 42 86 85 75 
  • By mail: Hertog Karellaan 30, 5431 GX Cuijk