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Back to our Roots (Documentary)

“A fascinating documentary on the blossoming of African talent and creativity in Northern-Ghana” - Mill Hill Missionairies 

At age twelve, the Dutch born Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) reads the book: “Roots” about the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte. She is touched deeply by the moment he is taken away from his African continent. And she can’t stop wondering: "How must thát feel? How must it feel when you are being separated from your own roots?"

The documentary: “Back to our Roots”, tells the story of Carole as she gradually discovers the true meaning of her fascination for Kunta Kinte’s story. Discoveries that have a deep impact and change her forever.

“Back to our Roots” is a journey into the essence of humanity. Self-conscious leaders who are dedicated to creating a brighter world for all of us, share their perspectives on life.

Their wisdom portrays the authentic connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. In listening to their stories and ideas, you are invited to dive deeper and deeper into the essence of your own being.

"A colourful, authentic and rich portrait of life as it is in its true essence. A story that will reconnect you to your own roots, sharing the immense value of community, so deeply longed for."

The music in the documentary is from Ghanaian singer-songwriter Wiyaala.


What People Are Saying:

"What a wonderful documentary with a very beautiful message. Always keep believing in your deeper inner feelings and in the life you lead. Always try to remain yourself and believe in yourself."


"I take a lot of hope and inspiration from the documentary. Very nice how Carole is both inspired and down-to-earth, the things she says really touch."


"I watched the documentary and I find it even more powerful than your book, Carole. The logic, the images, the music, seeing everyone in their element and power is beyond powerful. I am also very happy with the message. Thanks for your inspiration and thanks for just doing it, following your soul path! Keep it up..."


"What a wonderful documentary. What a beautiful people are interviewed. The joy of life, uncomplicated, honesty, passion, love and desire to contribute something positive, splashes off. The open-mindedness of those who are interviewed, is very hopeful and inspiring! It has also triggered me again to reconnect with my mission in life." Marcel


"How nice that seems to me, to know the reason for your existence and to know how to find it. I am still searching and am not always understood in that. You have your job, house, car, friends and vacations, don't you? Something is missing.... Wonderful documentary."

Margriet Yntema

"What a wonderful documentary. And what a spirituality. How special to be a part of this and to be able to see up close for a moment what moves you so much, Carole. I feel and know it. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this beautiful document


"Dear Carole, we don't know each other, but I saw your film. Wonderful. Let's heal the world. Beautiful and so pure. I feel such a special energy to connect all wisdom from all parts of the world to serve the highest good and humanity with it. To connect with our deepest inner wisdom and power. We are ready and it is high time. Thank you from my heart for your task and mission and surrender in this life, on earth."

Irene Geerken

"I was deeply impressed, Carole. Very nice to see how you chase your dream and how the 3 men each use their talent in their own way. The film is full of beautiful and valuable messages for us, from Africa. I was very touched. And I am sure I am going to watch it again."

Daphne Janssen, Egg Foundation