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This is my true Africa (E-book)

This book was first published in Dutch by Uitgeverij Van Brug in November 2020 (EAN code: 9789065237538). Go here to purchase it. The English version will be available as an e-book in October 2023.

This is my true Africa - How Africa helped to develop myself

At age twelve, the Dutch Carole Donkers reads the book 'Roots', about the life of the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte. Her question: why do people in Africa need the help of 'the West'? She decides to go to Africa one day to discover the answer.

In 2010, that intention was turned into action and she travelled to the North of Ghana, to stay there for more than ten years. Together with the local leaders of transformation, she forms Creators 4 Humanity, a co-creative community of self-conscious pioneers who are successful with inner creation power.

This book reads like a journey of discovery. Personal experiences are interspersed with approach, lessons and insights. The success stories of Creators 4 Humanity show that the truth of Africa is different from the needy image that was presented to Carole as a child. By learning to think differently about Africa, she guides us to a transcending perspective of one world.

Rich and developed in 2030 is the human being who makes the shift NOW. Are you ready?