Back to our Roots

For 4 months, documentary filmmaker Sandra Korse dived with us into The Rhythms of Africa. It led to the creation of Back to our Roots, a story about the true meaning of life.

Back to our Roots was released on Sunday, January 16th, 2022 with 963 first viewers. The many positive reactions made us decide to share it for free.

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Sneak preview



The documentary Back to our Roots is the story of one woman in search for truth. We follow Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) in her life quest: "How to create a brighter world for all of us?"

As Carole moves in The Rhythms of Africa, you will meet some of the people who helped her to find the answers to all her life questions. 

While she guided them on their journey of becoming a High Impact Entrepreneur, they showed her the pathway to her true Self, her higher purpose and a New Paradigm World of Unity Consciousness. 

A colourful, authentic and rich portrait of life as it is in its true essence. A story that will reconnect you to your own roots, sharing the immense value of community, so deeply longed for.

The music in the documentary is from Ghanaian singer-songwriter Wiyaala.