Creators 4 Humanity

Who we are and why we exist 

As Creators 4 Humanity, we are:

  • consciously creating our High Impact Business in alignment with our individual, true purpose at the highest frequency 
  • uniting forces to manifest a brighter world for all of us. We do this while co-creating more equal opportunities for more people. 

We are inspiring and supporting each other, so we can accelerate the realisation of our next level dreams and support more people in Northern-Ghana who cannot afford some of the basic needs in life: e.g. nutritious food, health care and quality education. 

The documentary Back to our Roots (2022) tells our common story.

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Go here to watch Back to our Roots

Carole Donkers

Carole (a.k.a. Kay Bright) is a High Impact leader and a transformational guide for awakened entrepreneurs with a vision that can change the world. She is also the initiator of Creators 4 Humanity.

It is part of her highest mission to grow and nurture an ever-evolving community of High Impact Entrepreneurs who create the greatest possible impact.

Inspired by 25 years of expertise in experiential learning, of which 15 years in The Rhythms of Africa, Carole creates real-life expeditions.

These online programs are specifically designed for awakened entrepreneurs with a vision that can change the world. So they can perform at their highest frequency and create the greatest possible impact. 

10% of every sold program flows directly to the community of High Impact Entrepreneurs in Ghana, so they can:

  • accelerate the expansion of their initiatives and
  • create more equal opportunities for more people.

It is her next level dream that awakened entrepreneurs from all over the world, follow in the footsteps of these inspiring role models in Ghana. 

More information about the online programs

Ibrahim Salifu 

Ibrahim is the initiator of the Volta Sustainable Farm, a self-sustainable farm in the community Karimenga, North-East Ghana.

It is Ibrahim's personal mission to show how we can farm and live in harmony with nature. So that we can create a healthy and sustainable living environment for ourselves and future generations.

It is his next level dream to help more farmers and youth in/around his community Karimenga, to make the shift to agro-ecology.

This is how Ibrahim is creating equal opportunities more for more people: 

  • With 100 EUR p/month he can support an apprenticeship for 1 young farmer
  • With 100 EUR p/month he can support 3 needy children in the community, with learning  materials.

Pobee Mwintombo 

Mwintombo is a Performance Poet who blends his poetry with instrumentals, drama and dance. He is the initiator of Literati Creations. 

It is his personal mission to create products that awaken and reconnect people, particularly children, to their potential selves, so that they can create a brighter life and world. 

It is his next level dream to realise new creations in the form of audio/video-albums and (audio) books for children. 

This is how Mwintombo creates equal opportunities for more children: 

  • With 100 EUR he can help 1 child to ignite and explore their creative potential through Mwintombo's real-life learning program YRACWA. 
  • With 100 EUR he can support the realisation of 1 artistic product that is co-created with the YRACWA children.   

Latif Mumuni 

Latif is a dedicated nurse and Medical Doctor in training. He is the initiator of SG Mobile Health Care. 

It is his personal mission to provide affordable and quality health care for all. 

His next level dream is to expand the existing services with the SG Medical and Alternative Research Centre. It is aimed at proving the effect of African herbal medicine through scientific research, so that modern day diseases can be treated with help of ancient solutions. 

This is how Latif creates more equal opportunities for more people: 

  • With 100 EUR he can provide 1 year access to quality health care for 1 person who cannot afford it (currently there is a waiting list). 

Sandra Korse 

Sandra is a conscious documentary filmmaker with an intuitive approach. She immerses herself into the experience in order to create the desired depth and meaning that she’s looking for. 

It is her personal mission to create films with messages that speak to the soul and that help raise the levels of consciousness on our planet. 

It is her next level dream to spend time with the original people of the Earth to discover what messages they have to share with the world.