Why we are busier than ever

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Game changers and transformers who are dedicated to creating the greatest possible, positive impact usually have a grand vision.

A vision of what the world can be if we change the status quo with the dreams, ideas and innovations we are so passionate about.

If you resonate with this, you already know that your calling to change the world also comes with counterforce. A lot of counterforces.

The combination of operating in the world as it is and your huge drive to be successful and make a real change.…

It is a day-to-day challenge.

"Our attention has never been as over-stimulated and over-demanded as it is in these modern times." - C. Bailey

"We are so used to being excessively on our phones and social media, that it leads to a continuous receiving of stimuli from social media" - C. Labee 

As a consequence, you might:

  • Sleep less than 6 hours a night. You have problems falling asleep or you are waking up in the middle of the night and can't sleep again
  • Experience muscle pains and stiffness, feelings of depression, worries, fear and anxiety, pressure, tiredness, and maybe even depression
  • Be easily irritated by others, hot-tempered or frustrated when things don't go as you want or planned
  • Feel a heavy weight on your shoulders as if something is pulling you down
  • Feel a constriction in your heart, as if something keeps you small or a wall blocks your way
  • Experience an ever-returning conflict between your head and heart
  • Have developed addictive behavior, like overeating or drinking
  • Experience ever-returning confusion or doubt if the next step you envision is the right one to take

I know you are busier than ever. But how much of your time, attention and energy is going to things that truly matter for the change you are here to make?

From my own experience, I know how frustrating it can be not to live up to the full potential of what you could be doing. Of what you know you could be doing.

Based on working with thousands of (potential) changemakers, game changers, pioneers and transformers in the past 10 years, I observed:

Too many game changers and transformers fall victim to practicing busyness
and reacting to what comes our way in the current world,
rather than being a creator of the greatest possible, positive impact and the world we want.

It shouldn’t be like this. The world needs us more than ever. In our fullest potential. 

It is time for a whole new way of being successful in creating the greatest, possible way.

Are you ready to transform everything you thought you knew about Optimal performance?

So you can perform in a whole new way? A way that allows you to accelerate the manifestation of your visions?

It is surprisingly simple once apply the P.E.M.S. Approach.

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Carole Donkers

Your Guide to Optimal Performance in the New Paradigm