Whatever comes our way

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It is Saturday morning 3 February 2024 when I am preparing to cross the street in Wa, Upper-West Ghana. After concluding that the road is free, I start moving.

At the next moment a motorbike knocks me down. And before I know it I am rushed to the Regional (governmental) hospital. Diagnose: 2 fractures in a dislocated elbow plus a big, deep cut in my leg.

Yes, I am a warrior...

It is 6 weeks ago that a pin was placed in my elbow to treat a double fracture + dislocation.

A swelling prevented movements of the whole arm. Affected nerves led to paralysed fingers, hand and wrist.

(Burning) pains, increased by the heat in Northern Ghana, didn't allow me to sleep more than 3 hrs per night since the accident on 3rd February.

Close to exhaustion...

Nevertheless, I always keep a positive spirit. Because whatever challenge comes our way:

  • we face it exactly as it is in all it is, beyond the physical situation that plays out
  • while we focus our whole being on positive outcomes
  • and do all we can to keep radiating at the highest frequency
  • in alignment with our soul's Cosmic mission. 

The day to day physical progress has been huge. The care, love and support in Ghana (and beyond) has been incredible. But today I honour me, myself & I for the journey to this point. I honour myself for:

  • Never compromising on my natural positivity, curiosity, persistence and stubbornness when something does not feel right to me. 
  • All the years I trained myself in focus and discipline. 
  • Facing many challenging life situations in Ghana, each of them showing me the true meaning of patience, surrender, humility, grace and faith.
  • My continuous investment in developing and expanding my (self-)consciousness at physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level.
  • The ability to guide my own inner healing process as the practitioner in Holistic well-being i have become. 

I am now gradually returning to "normal" life. The Next Level of my work in service of Humanity is unfolding. And we allow it all to happen moment by moment, choice by choice, one step at a time...

Because, when it comes to my approach to success and optimal performance in co-creation with the New Earth energies that are now available to all open and willing hearts, i can only emphasise: 

Never underestimate the importance of the processes behind visible and tangible manifestations, progress and outcomes.

Every breath matters. Every moment matters. Every choice matters. Every step matters...