What makes your heart sing?

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What makes your heart sing, your soul swing and your body jump in joy?

I feel like sharing with you what makes my heart sing, my soul swing and my body jump in joy. 

It is not every day that the Dutch flag is raised in Ghana to honor me. Or let's say: the ever-flowing energy I invest in grand dreams for a brighter world for all of us. (Which is one of the reasons that people in Ghana call me Kay Bright). 

The flags were also raised to celebrate an awesome milestone: on Sunday July 17th, Eco Hospital in Wa, Upper-West Ghana, has been officially opened. The hospital is a great additional support to the already existing SG Mobile Health Care and the laboratory and pharmacy services. 

The entities operate independently and are united in a common goal of making quality healthcare accessible to everyone in Ghana and beyond. 

SG Mobile Health Care started as a voluntary service, specialised in providing healthcare support to its cherished beneficiaries in the comfort of their homes and/or their community level (Medical Outreach Services). It is initiated in 2016 by Latif Mumuni. 

Latif is a dedicated nurse and Medical Doctor in training, with a mission to provide affordable and quality health care for all. When I started working with this emerging leader in 2018, he was exploring sustainable new ways to expand SG Mobile Health Care. 

Together we designed an income-generating model that served the mission and started prototyping it. Based on the experiences in practice we continued fine-tuning until the model was right. 

SG Mobile Health Care is now successful as a social enterprise that continues growing naturally and organically. 20 professional workers are serving around 300 beneficiaries. Whereby the people who can pay for the service support the people who can't. 

The practice also showed that the absence of a referral center for "In-Patient" Management was a hindrance to smooth operations and quality care for people who needed hospitalization. 

That is how the dream of Eco Hospital came to life. 

Next Level Dreams
Over the years, Latif and his team have been working consistently to establish a static health facility. Eco Hospital is the perfect solution for referring their home care beneficiaries when needed: SG's human-centered quality care and the monitoring of every patient's well-being can be guaranteed in this ecologically friendly environment. 

Eco Hospital is a commercial enterprise with the mission to provide Patient Centered Services at a high value. The intention is that at least 10% of its profit is invested in the social mission of SG Mobile Health Care. E.g. 100 EUR equals 1 year access to quality health care for 1 person who cannot afford it (currently there is a waiting list). 

While focusing on moment by moment manifestation of our visions in alignment with our soul's destiny, we always dream of the next level.

The next level dream that unites Latif and me is the realisation of SG Medical and Alternative Research Centre. It has the mission to prove the effect of African herbal medicine and natural healing traditions through scientific research. So that modern-day diseases can be treated with help of ancient African solutions. 

The right model
The journey with Latif has shown me how to keep evolving in a consistent energy flow of co-creating more opportunities for more people. Which inspired me to place The Circle Of Life (= Ancient African Wisdom) at the center of my social business- and impact model:

I could only design my current services (Quantum Impact Expeditions) as an output of my own expeditions with the Creators 4 Humanity in Ghana. 

When you invest in your soul's expansion and next level dream by joining the Quantum Impact Expeditions, you also help to make it possible that:

  • The Creators 4 Humanity in Ghana can do more for more people, because at least 10% of the financial investment in your expedition flows directly to their initiatives
  • can invest 50% of my total time and energy in co-creating the next level dreams of Creators 4 Humanity in Ghana, 
    which leads to new experiences that I translate into new content 
  • This content is automatically available for YOU once you join the Quantum Impact Expeditions,
    which means you receive continuous support in creating the greatest possible impact
  • WE are uniting forces in co-creating more opportunities for more people and manifesting a brighter world for all of US.

Yep! My heart sings, my soul swings, my body jumps in joy... ;-)

Do you feel called to join us on our journey of becoming Cosmic Creators 4 Humanity?  

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Go here for a video that connects you with Latif and SG Mobile Health Care

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In Light & Service, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) I Cosmic Creator 4 Humanity
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