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Video: During the creation process of Back to our Roots, Latif Mumuni (Creator 4 Humanity) shared with filmmaker Sandra: who Carole is when she feels completely free to be in this world as her true self. 

We miss you 
After the launch of the documentary BACK TO OUR ROOTS
(January 2022), we received many beautiful, often impressive, reactions. Some of these came from people who have followed me closely over the past 15 years Ghana. In addition to their positive reactions to the film itself, they indicate that they miss me.

They particularly miss the role and contribution I have (had) in the life and work of the Creators 4 Humanity (and many others in Ghana). I understand their point, because they are the ones who know what I invested and sacrificed to get to this point. Their feedback inspired me to reflect on the creation process of the documentary and the choices I made in it.

What it means to make higher level choices, based on ancient African wisdom
Filmmaker Sandra Korse was inspired by my story, my way of life in Ghana and my book
When she asked me in April 2020 if she could follow me to make a film about me and my life in Ghana, I could only say 'yes' to that.

This woman, this timing...  It felt right.

Was this perhaps the once in a lifetime opportunity to bring myself out of the shadow side of life? A stage to put myself in the spotlight? To introduce more people to all that I have contributed and accomplished in Northern Ghana over the past 15 years?

The uniqueness of Sandra as a filmmaker is that she wants to be in the experience of the person she is filming and from there she works intuitively. Sandra and I therefore decided to go on a 3-4 month Expedition in The Rhythms of Africa. We would follow my way of life: following the voice of your heart. In the flow of now. In connection with the natural rhythm of life. In essence, open, intuitive and explorative. Seeing every experience and situation as an opportunity to evolve. Furthermore, the film was allowed to unfold without a preconceived plan, goal or script.

And so it happened.

However, after about two months of journeying together in Ghana, I felt that something wasn't right. The chosen framework was correct, but not that Sandra was following me with her camera. Something else had to happen? But what?

By asking myself questions about what we were doing and discussing this with Sandra, it became clear that it was not going to be a promotional film about me. Nor was it supposed to be a repetition of my book ‘This is my true Africa’. (Dit is mijn ware Afrika, published in the Netherlands, November 2020). The film was supposed to highlight something else than my perspective, life and work until then.

I realised that it shouldn’t be about me, because: Who am I without the people here? Only through and with them could I become who I am at the my deepest core of my being, in the essence of life. We are a part of each other. The well-known "I am because we are" of South Africa. In Ghana this is expressed in: "Ka-boom", amongst others. Ka-boom means "together we are" and that had become my way of life.

At this moment it was clear to us that the film would not highlight me as a person, but the people and life around me. After this, Sandra got insights for a possible storyline with the Creators 4 Humanity that I was most connected to at that time. I also received what was the intention for me:

"I am here to shine my Light on the primordial and ancient African wisdom that wants to be revealed and remembered. To pass this wisdom on to help the world heal. So that a new paradigm world of unity consciousness can unfold. A paradigm in which we flourish in our unique self-expression as individuals. And at the same time feel connected in the inner knowledge that we are all part of one larger whole and therefore we are One". 

At that time I did not know what this meant for the film or for my life. Certain was that this was my next, higher level announcing itself. The direction I had to follow from now on in my movements. The level at which I could serve humanity at the highest level. This is above all an inner and energetic part of my service work, so I needed more time and space in solitude.

We decided that I would travel alone and follow my callings. In attunement with each other, we would feel when and where we had to come together in service of the film.

This allowed the right form of filming to emerge organically: a collaboration based on equal co-creation, in which the unique gift(s) and highest purpose of each individual can unfold naturally. This is also the way I guide my clients and move with the Creators 4 Humanity in Ghana in the realisation of our dreams.

This allowed the documentary to unfold moment by moment in the direct connection between filmmaker, the Creators 4 Humanity and the environments I move in.

From a chance to grab my stage in the spotlight back to a role at the sidelines. The contemplative outsider who oversees the whole. Who only steps into the experience, initiates and facilitates when she feels called to do so. Always with a focus on ensuring that everything and everyone around her can flourish. Making herself gradually redundant in the process.

To be honest, this is where I am most happy and what I love to do most. In this position and in this role I can be optimally present as I am serving the individual, the collective, humanity and the greater whole that I call the Cosmos.

In the output that became Back to our Roots, Sandra masterfully melded my Ego with that which I am a part of. So that my true Africa can take her place in the spotlight. So that what I have been serving all these years, can come out of the shadow and shine in its inner authenticity and authority. So that Mama Africa, reflected in the wisdom, power and potential of her people, can be restored to her original glory and rise in all her glory.

The personal meaning that the process of creating the film has had for me, is that I could embrace myself in my own completeness and in my most authentic, natural ability. That I now shine in the peace that comes with being at home. Being at home in the silent, flowing power that the Primordial Creation Source within me, is.

That I am comfortable in radiating at my highest frequency. That I live in alignment with my soul's highest purpose of being a pure channel through which the Cosmic frequencies of the New Earth can flow. Effortlessly find its way in the current world.

To the souls who are open to it and who resonate with the vibration I embody. To the awake, emerging leaders who are dedicated to creating the greatest possible impact. Who are ready to learn how to quantum leap their impact with ancient African wisdom. More information via this link.

Or, as a client so beautifully described after her experience with me in 2019: "The power of Carole is in her being. In her presence, healing automatically happens."

What this reflection process showed me is that public acknowledgment for what I contribute(d) is not important for me. True recognition is in my own heart, because I feel that I am doing the right things at the right moment in time. That is how I positively influence the course of humanity exactly where it is needed most. 

Contribute to its purpose by sharing this link to Back to our Roots in your community. Thank you!

During the creation process of Back to our Roots, Latif Mumuni (Creator 4 Humanity) shared with Sandra who I am when I feel completely free to be in this world as my true self (see video on top)