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PEMS Performance

“No matter how much I am doing,
I am never doing enough...”


This is a belief I had in common with the game changers and transformational leaders I naturally connect and work with.

What characterises most of us is the high expectations we put on ourselves in the realisation of our visions.

You might also recognise one or more of the following behavioral patterns as your own:

  • Working hard without getting fulfilling results
    You are always working on the edge of what you can handle and to be honest… you never feel really satisfied.

  • Striving and pushing for what you want and desire
    Your focus is forward and you keep moving to get things done. You are tireless in working hard and determined to push through to get the results you strive for.

  • Always doing more
    You always have the feeling you can do more than what you are doing now. But you might also wonder: how to make it all happen?

    Every time you take a step in the right direction it might feel like something is holding you back. Yet, you keep on doing as much as you can.

  • Continuous restlessness and times of exhaustion
    It is almost impossible for you to just sit down, relax and do nothing. You are just too restless. So much more can be done!

    In your huge drive to change the world, there are also times when you feel totally exhausted or even worse: physically ill.

    But nothing stops you. You just take some rest and there you go again...

  • Carrying the responsibility to change the world as a burden on your shoulders
    In your urge to do more, you feel responsible when others don’t seem to care.

    You might even feel guilty when something didn’t work out the way you had envisioned or planned it. You carry a constant burden on your shoulders to get everything done that you should do.

    And yet you know: it is never done!

How do you recognise these behavioural patterns within you?

You might:

  • Sleep less than 6 hours a night. You have problems falling asleep or you are waking up in the middle of the night and can't sleep again
  • Experience muscle pains and stiffness, feelings of depression, worries, fear and anxiety, pressure, tiredness, maybe even depression
  • Be easily irritated by others, hot-tempered or frustrated when things don't go as you want or planned
  • Feel a heavy weight on your shoulders as if something is pulling you down
  • Feel a constriction in your heart, as if something keeps you small or a wall blocks your way
  • Experience an ever-returning conflict between your head and heart
  • Have developed addictive behavior, like overeating or drinking
  • Experience ever-returning confusion or doubt if the next step you envision is the right one to take

Based on working with thousands of (potential) changemakers, game changers, pioneers and transformers in the past 10 years, I observed:

Too many of us fall victim of practicing busyness and
reacting to what comes our way in the current world
rather than
being a creator of the greatest possible impact and the world we want.

It shouldn’t be like this. The world needs us more than ever. In our fullest potential. 

It is time for a whole new way of being successful in creating the greatest, possible way.

Are you ready to transform everything you thought you knew about Optimal performance?

So you can perform in a whole new way? A way that allows you to experience optimal well-being and accelerates the manifestation of your visions?

It is surprisingly simple once apply the P.E.M.S. Approach.

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Carole Donkers
Your Guide to Optimal Performance in the New Paradigm