The True You Space

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The fear of being who we truly are... The fear of expressing as we truly are...

Are you also struggling with overcoming it?

This is a deep-rooted fear that prevents many awakening and ascending souls from stepping into their role as transformational leaders. It took me many years to overcome it, because I did not get the right support. 

Are you a spiritually awakening soul, dedicated to creating the greatest possible impact?
Do you feel it is your time to step into your next level role as a transformational leader?
A leader who is a living example of what is possible as you are serving humanity at the highest level while living a prosperous life?

Learning to trust who you truly are is the first, essential stage in becoming that leader. 

To support an accelerate your process of trusting who you truly are, I am inviting you to connect with me in my TRUE YOU space. Watch the video on this page.

Do you feel called to be part of the TRUE YOU experience?
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The TRUE YOU space is a safe and open space of Presence,
with the intention to let you experience how it feels to be present and express as your true self.

This helps you to feel more at ease, free and confident as you are paving your pathway in day-to-day life.

During this 40-minute community gathering, hosted on 'my' ancient African home ground, my being serves as a transmitter for the New Earth frequencies. These are very powerful in this location.

As you open yourself to receive, these frequencies support you in raising your unique natural frequency back to its original state of unity, before any distortions were created.

What follows is an organic and natural process of remembering who and what you truly are. 

There are no preparations other than you making the choice to create this TRUE YOU time to relax & re-energise and to release & renew.

The TRUE YOU space is all about us being present in the moment. This means there is no recording available.

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I look forward to connecting with the true you! 

In LoveLight & Service, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) I Cosmic Creator 4 Humanity
Guides awake, emerging leaders to Quantum Leap their Impact with ancient African wisdom