The Power of Purpose

poverty to prosperity prosperity

Living in the rural community Karimenga, in Northern Ghana…

It means witnessing how the Power of Purpose is proving itself.

Knowing where we came from – there was nothing - it is a day-to-day joy to see Ibrahim creating the greatest possible impact exactly as he always envisioned it.

It is all happening because Ibrahim is living his soul’s Purpose at its fullest Potential.

The more he lived in alignment with what his heart was guiding him to do, the more Prosperous his own life became.

Then prosperity also started flowing into the life of others around him. Via the (work)opportunities he started creating for more people in the community. Via the increased support he could give to the people who really need it:

  • Widows who cannot afford school fees, uniforms and books for their children
  • Families who cannot afford the needed healthcare
  • Families who are lacking food because they don’t have their own farm and cannot handle the rising costs due to inflation.

Gradually Ibrahim is helping his community members to understand the self-sustainable future that ecological farming represents.

To believe in their authentic, inner Power via the ancient African wisdom that is still part of rural community life. An example of this ancient African wisdom is:

Only when all individual souls in a community are prospering
can there be prosperity in the community itself.

Through Ibrahim, I also see my own vision unfolding in the physical reality: Infinite Prosperity 4 all!

So much to be proud of.

So much to be thankful for.

And yet, we have only just begun…

Carole Donkers
Serving aware, visionary creators in quantum manifesting the greatest possible impact

This writing is the third part of a series in which I am sharing my experiences during my current journey of exploring in Ghana: 

The New Paradigm Pathway from Poverty to Prosperity - As it naturally unfolds at the root of existence, from a true African perspective and life experience.

This is a very important part of my soul's highest purpose: To manifest and co-create a world of Unity Consciousness, in which there is Infinite Prosperity 4 all!

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