From short-term thrill to deep fulfillment

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One of the success keys in the new creation paradigm is our level of mastering the dynamics between masculine and feminine energies

What is your first reaction when you are not reaching the goals you have set for yourself?

Are you pushing yourself more or are you giving up?

If you are a high performer like me you are probably pushing yourself more. This is a masculine reaction. It is what we are taught in the (old) Western-dominated paradigm, in which the masculine dominates.

When masculine energy is what you are comfortable and familiar with, you keep going, you keep striving, you fight if needed.

And most of the times you do hit the goals you have set. So there is no real or urgent reason to change your automatic behaviour. 

But at what cost?

How healthy and vibrant are you truly?

How much are you truly enjoying the process, the journey, the now, the unexpected in life?

How open are you to truly receive all that is available for you beyond the goals you have set?

It doesn't matter if these are goals you have set with your mind, heart or soul. As long as your masculine energy is in overdrive, you are not performing at your highest frequency.

The more awake and aware my soul became, the more I discovered that my automatic focus on the realisation of goals gave a short-term thrill, yes. The thrill of winning, of conquering. 

But that is nothing compared to the deep fulfillment I experience when allowing the natural rhythm of life and the energy within and without, to lead me. I still realise my goals, just in a whole new way. A way that is so much more relaxed, joyful and beneficial for the higher good of all. 

One of the keys in being successful in the new creation paradigm is our level of mastering the natural dynamics between the masculine and feminine energies.

That is why I love the ancient African creation stories so much. Most of them explicitly recognise a natural collaboration between masculine and feminine principles.

When we tune into ancient African wisdom, we just know that both masculine and feminine principles are needed to be in balance. Within ourselves, our relationship(s) and our community.

In Light & Service, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) I Cosmic Creator 4 Humanity
Guide for awake, emerging leaders who are ready to Quantum Leap their Impact with Ancient African wisdom