Sandra's Journey | 8. Plot twist

sandra's journey

Sandra's journey. Filmmaker Sandra Korse journeyed with us in The Rhythms of Africa. She captured the creation process and her inner journey in short video's and writings. 

Regularly I wondered what the purpose of this expedition was. I knew I had embarked on this adventure as part of my soul's calling, but some days my experiences were rather painful, difficult and sometimes even terrifying. Something I had not expected at all, but I couldn't run away from it either. So, I asked myself every now and then: "Am I staying?".

The answer to this question invariably was a full-on YES. It became clear to me that I had to stay and face up to the challenges that life presented me with. I realised that your experiences are not always what you want, but always what you need. And well, for the sake of convenience I had forgotten about that.

And so I had no choice but to fully engage in the process with(in) myself. Diving into the deep. Traveling into the darkness. And no, we don't always want to be there. At least, not me! Until recently I really didn't like being faced with the darker sides of myself. But man oh man, what strength can be found there.

In my personal situation it meant daring to speak my truth. To give myself permission to be angry and to express that. It gives space. It helps to indicate your boundaries. It gives strength. And I was able to embrace my own softness in complete safety.

I have been in Karimenga for a few days now and it feels like I have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. As if I have (finally) landed in my own being. In my own body. As if I am finally allowed to take up my place in this world. And so I step into the world with renewed strength, softness, JOY and compassion.

Plot twist
I am incredibly grateful that I stayed. That I answered the call. That I learned to connect with my own rhythm. The rhythm of my own nature. Because that is exactly what we are meant to do. Even if that feels like the scariest thing on earth.

And so Carole and I decided to continue our journey through Ghana separately. We are each moving in our own rhythm. Carole follows her callings and I follow the flow of the documentary. We are in contact via whatsapp and will meet at the right moments. A plot twist that I had not seen coming, but a beautiful example of what life asked us to do.

And yes, if you then dare to make the choice and take another leap of faith, you discover that you have wings to fly.