Wiyaala | Wiisi (The Sun God)

wiyaala and mwintombo
Carole Donkers
Wiyaala | Wiisi (The Sun God)

You can also enjoy Wiyaala and her songs via our documentary Back to our roots. 

About Wiyaala
Wiyaala, which means “the doer” in her local Sissala dialect, is an independent musician entertainer from Funsi in the Upper West Region of Ghana.  Fiercely self-reliant and proud, Wiyaala is known by her fans as the " Lioness of Africa"

Wiyaala, who designs and sews her unique stage costumes, is well known for promoting her African village roots, where she frequently holds festivals and events encouraging the local children to develop their creativity and sense of self-worth. 

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