Journey in The Wheel of Life

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It has been five years since I last facilitated a lecture/presentation or session - LIVE in physical presence - in the Netherlands.

At first, Aunt C. Orona disrupted the latest planned activities in 2020. Later, when the physical freedom of movement was back, it no longer felt right in the evolution of my soul.

Until now...

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Carole Donkers lives most of the year in the north of Ghana. But on Saturday, January 13 2024, she will be a special guest in ‘De Oersprong', an initiative of Django Soeters. 

On this day, Carole facilitates a Co-creative Experience that introduces you to holistic well-being, based on African traditions (in DUTCH).

This combination of ancient ceremony, guided channeling and sharing circle gives you exactly the information you need for the next step in the evolution of your soul.

Through her energy and voice, Carole creates with us a free-flowing, serene space of connection inside and outside, from earth through heart to cosmos, of unity and uniqueness.

She then invites you to join her on a journey to her tribe – the Dagara people – in Northern Ghana. Together we explore their holistic philosophy of life: Dagara Cosmology and The Wheel of Life.

This 3-hours journey unfolds naturally and organically as you dive deeper and deeper into your inner world. After this consciousness-expanding experience, you will feel:

  • deeply grounded and lifted to a higher frequency,
  • (re)charged and balanced,
  • inspired by clear insights and
  • full of confidence to actually take the next step in your life.

Will you join us on this journey of discovery?

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The good news for me... 
The maximum capacity of 10 people has now been reached. Registration for this Journey in The Wheel of Life is no longer possible.

The good news for you...
Due to the wonderful flow and the interest shown in this first Co-creative Experience with me REAL LIFE in the Netherlands, there is a very good chance that more will follow in 2024. I'm looking forward to it and will keep you posted.

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