It is time to play a grander role

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Are you done playing it small? Do you feel the urge to play a grander role?

Then let's start with the way you relate to money. 

When you think about the economy, about money or about the balance in your bank account, what happens in you? Do you get nervous? Do you worry? Do you experience a lack of… 

If you experience a negative emotion around money, your first next step is to raise your vibration around it.

Your success in the journey of creating the greatest possible impact and living a prosperous life, is not a result of the money you make.

It is the outcome of the vibration you radiate the moment you are aligned with your natural life energy.

You might live your dream life as the result of a financially thriving business. But if your thoughts, words and actions are not in alignment with your true purpose and vision, you are not making a real difference.

Because you are disconnected from your natural life energy; Source Energy. This is what I call a poor life.

You might feel completely fulfilled and be the wakeup call in other people's life, just by being who you truly are and contributing there where you are. It might not bring in money, but you are the true difference.

Because you are connected to your natural life energy; Source Energy. This is what I call a rich life. 

Ask yourself:
What is the meaning of creating the greatest possible impact for me?


Do you feel called to BE the difference and play a grander role?

That comes with taking 100% responsibility for your personal vibration. This includes your relationship with money.

Are you ready and willing to shift your consciousness and vibration around money?

So you can be the difference there where you are and play a grander role at the forefront of creating a whole new way of life on Earth? A life that is truly sustainable for all of us? 

Then you might be the one I am looking for.

Send me a reply, so we can book a call and discover your unique pathway to becoming the High Impact Entrepreneur you are destined to be.  

Because you deserve it. Because the world needs it. Because it is time.  

In Love & Light, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright)
Helps awakened entrepreneurs to create the greatest possible impact 

High Impact Entrepreneurs create the greatest possible impact, because they:

  • Are deeply grounded in higher consciousness
  • Are in alignment with their true purpose
  • Perform at their highest frequency 
  • Follow their unique Road Map of success
  • Live in prosperity consciousness 

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