Sandra's Journey | 9. Roles reversed

sandra's journey

Sandra's journey. Filmmaker Sandra Korse journeyed with us in The Rhythms of Africa. She captured the creation process of the documentary and her inner journey in short video's and writings. 

The roles are reversed for one moment. The writing below is coming from Carole.   

The first two months of the Expedition are over. Sandra and I (Carole) look back on a challenging and enriching period. A period of finding our way together on a path that I have been walking on my own for so long.

Voyage of discovery
Two months of asking questions, discovering, experimenting, wondering, being consciously present, developing individually and growing together. It resulted in a series of 7 videos. In her unique way, Sandra invited you into her own experiences as she highlighted different facets of my life in The Rhythms of Africa.

I am very grateful for the (video) creations that were created through Sandra's lens already. The reactions that we received from many of you are heartwarming, give direction and encourage us.

The documentary

The question that occupied us all along, but wasn't yet clear, was: What is the documentary about?

This week, a new phase started for us. Last week's rest brought us to a higher level of consciousness within ourselves, in our connection and in our co-creation. This led, among other things, to the idea to switch roles for this week’s video.

Behind the camera
Now it was me asking the questions as I invited Sandra to speak in front of the camera. Curious as I was about what happened in her week of reflection, I also asked about the documentary. And yes… the answer to THE unanswered question is there. Sandra shares with me what the documentary is about. We are happy to share this with you too in the video below.

I have nothing to add, except that it feels just right. And that's exactly why Sandra is the creator of this documentary.

Having said all this, we are now even more curious about what is to come and what will unfold. Are you too?

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