Dealing with the confusion and the chaos

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Trying to figure it all out while following the pathway of your highest purpose, can feel confusing and chaotic.

One moment you feel right on track and think you have all the answers. In the other moment you start questioning everything you are doing:  

  • “Who am I truly?”
  • “Why am I here on Earth?“
  • I don't see results, am I doing the right things?”
  • "I thought I was moving in the direction of my vision, but now I feel so lost. Why?"
  • “Why do I suddenly feel so down and low in energy?”
  • “What is going on? Nothing works out the way I had envisioned and planned...” 

In these times, it can be really hard not to overthink everything.  

When you finally decided to follow your soul’s purpose, you thought life would be better and brighter. But now you feel you are struggling more than you ever did. Why? 

Being on earth with a mission to create (the greatest possible) impact, can be so challenging sometimes that you wonder: "Why exactly am I doing this?"

To continue believing that you are on the right track despite all challenges you face, becomes a challenge on its own.

Looking back at my own journey there have been many times, in the midst of the confusion, the chaos and the challenges, that I thought of giving up.

But I am incredibly thankful that I never did. 

That I never allowed the voices in my head to take over.

The voice in your head and the voice of your heart are the struggle you have to deal with in these times of confusion, chaos and challenges.

You are tested. You are challenged.

That is because there is so much potential you!

But it takes a lot of courage to continue the journey when the voice in your head speaks louder and louder and louder!

Will you allow the voice in your head to convince you that you have chosen the wrong pathway?

That you are reading this, tells me you will not.

And I am here to tell you that the journey will be so much easier if you know exactly how to shift your biggest challenges into your greatest transformative powers.   

So you feel calm, comfortable and stable while going through the intense processes that are part of becoming your highest frequency potential. 

Do you want to learn how to shift any challenge in the moment it shows up, so creating the greatest possible impact will be easier for you? 

Reply this e-mail. In doing that, you will active the intention within yourself. 

In Love & Light, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright)
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