Confrontation in my face

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Living in the rural community Karimenga, in Northern Ghana…

It is a 24/7 confrontation in my face.

Even after all these years of diving deep into My True Africa (which is also the title of my book). 

The past 8 months of full-time living at the root of existence in Karimenga, were a continuous confrontation with life as it is in all it is.

The Light and the dark side.

The joy and the pain.

Living in Karimenga means accepting and embracing from a neutral space of Universal Love within my expanded, Cosmic heart that: this is life as usual for people who have no other choice.

No other choice than to deal with life as it is while filling their days with getting the basic needs in place: food, water and housing.

For people who cannot afford (quality) education for their children.

Who don’t have access to (quality) healthcare when they need it.

Who don’t have family or friends that are in a position to support them.

For whom there is no safety net from the government in the form of social welfare.

Who are incredibly vulnerable to extreme weather circumstances and climate changes.

So much respect for their strength and resilience. For the power that is in their wisdom.

The wisdom of knowing they are so much more than their (materialistic) circumstances.

So many lessons in our togetherness to be thankful for and pass on.

And yet...

Embracing and accepting that it is what it is, doesn't mean we stop expecting more from life. 

On the contrary.

So much more is possible for so many more people.

Just in a whole new way.

A way that is completely liberated from any and all (post) colonial dynamics and (unconscious) conditioning: "The power is where the money is", amongst others.

A way that leads to a New Paradigm world of Unity Consciousness, with Infinite Prosperity 4 all!

And I am here on Earth and in Karimenga, to play my unique part in consciously manifesting and co-creating that world.

Our unique, soul's purpose unfolds itself in every step that is guided by our heart. 

What do you already know about the unique part you are adding to the bigger picture?

Carole Donkers
Serving aware, visionary creators in quantum manifesting the greatest possible impact

This writing is the second of a series in which I am sharing my experiences during my current journey of exploring in Ghana: 

The New Paradigm Pathway from Poverty to Prosperity - As it naturally unfolds at the root of existence, from a true African perspective and life experience.

This is a very important part of my soul's highest purpose: To manifest and co-create a world of Unity Consciousness, in which there is Infinite Prosperity 4 all!

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