Be a leader by embodiment

cosmic creation quantum impact

Now is the time to leave everyone and everything behind that no longer serves the higher mission you are here to live.

That takes a lot of courage...yes… Especially if you don't yet know what's next.

Know that you are not alone. We are in this together. 

All over the planet awakened souls are called to live from their heart, lead by example and become a way-shower in these challenging times.

Does this resonate with you?

The souls I am destined to serve are awake, emerging leaders who are on the verge of becoming their Cosmic Self. I love meeting you on this point because you are awake, but not yet aware of the infinite potential that lies within.

It is such an honour to guide what wants to unfold once we have opened the portal to your Cosmic Heart and you start tapping into your quantum potential.

After which you learn how to navigate the process of embodying your Cosmic Self. So you feel confident while stepping into your next level leading role and prosper while serving humanity at the highest level.

These words came through in the first Deep Dive session with one of you during the Quantum Impact Expedition:

The brightest world

in which your soul longs to live
wants to unfold through your being.

Feel how that brightest world
is present in your Cosmic Heart
as the reality in which you already are
and will learn to live in
moment by moment.

as pure life energy
you are the radiant light
that the New Earth is.


The assignment for this leader was to learn how to access, receive and integrate the information that is coming from the Cosmos and from the Earth/Gaia. So that is what we have been focusing on in the 1-on-1 Quantum Impact Expedition that shaped itself in alignment with his soul’s destiny.

Are you curious to experience what I am speaking of?
Do you feel called to discover what wants to unfold through your being?
Is it your time to rise and are you ready to invest in learning how to embody your next-level role on this planet?

Take your next step here and join our community of awake, emerging leaders who come together to learn how to quantum leap their impact with ancient African wisdom. 

Because the world needs more truthful leaders
who are an embodiment of their unique Creator Energy

And you might be destined to be one!

In LoveLight & Service, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) I Cosmic Creator 4 Humanity
Guides awake, emerging leaders to Quantum Leap their Impact with ancient African wisdom