Are you fighting your natural energy?

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How aware are you that LIFE IS ENERGY? I wasn't, until I experienced what it means to be and perform in The Rhythms of Africa

When I express to people in 'the Western world' that life is energy, the reply I receive a lot is something like: 

"Yes! that is why I am meditating and doing yoga, so I am in touch with my energy."

When I use the word Energy, I don't speak about your physical energy only. 

Performing at your highest frequency isn't about how great you feel in your body. And it is not about performing in a flow as: getting a lot of things done in the shortest possible time. 

There is nothing wrong with feeling great and doing tons of work. But this is about you BEING ENERGY: vibrating at a unique frequency, as a part of the Cosmos. 

You highest potential as a human being is the highest frequency you can radiate, or embody, at this moment in time. 

That is being your true self. 

And the more you are present as the unique vibration you are, the more in tune you are with the natural rhythm of the earth and the Cosmic Energies. 

And that is the level at which true transformation happens. Within you and in the world around you. 

When guiding my clients on the journey of becoming a High Impact Entrepreneur, I let them experience (= sense and feel) what it means to be in the most productive version of themselves. 

It means you learn how to stop doing so much and start being more. 

Results are happening while you are flowing in your optimal life energy, which includes naturally setting the boundaries that prevent you from being exhausted. 

I am curious:
What stops you from being present as your highest frequency? 

Feel free to let your intuitive answer flow into an e-mail to [email protected]

In expressing yourself as pure as you receive the content of this writing, you create the opportunity to practice being present. 

And the world as it is, needs you to stop fighting against your natural energy, so that you can be present at your highest frequency. 


In Peace & Light, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright)
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