Ancient African wisdom meets science

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“Everything is an eternal Energy that exists in the Cosmos. This Energy can manifest itself in several forms. One of the ways is through being born as a human being.

The Energy that already exists in the Cosmos then becomes the life power within you. Thus, the energy of your inner life force and the energy of the Cosmic Life Force are vibrating as one." – Pobee Mwintombo, Ghana

“The existence of a bio-electrical field that every human being connects with at a unique frequency, has been scientifically proven and measured. In ancient African wisdom, it is known as the Cosmos.

In the Western world, we define the Cosmos in different ways: quantum field, matrix or bioenergetic system. It all refers to the same thing, namely that there is Energy active in and around us.

An energy that we are connected with, and resonate with, at a cellular level and in our inner DNA. Actively creating the life our soul is destined to live, happens on this basis. It is up to you to learn how to dance through life on the ever-evolving dynamics of the cosmic frequencies within and without.” – Carole Donkers, the Netherlands

These and other teachings are translated to the Quantum Impact Expeditions for awake, emerging leaders dedicated to creating the greatest possible impact.

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During the expedition, you are creating your unique Road Map of success.

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