Where are you on this planet?

a bright journey

Last week a few people asked me: "Where are you on this planet"? That is because they know I am moving as I feel guided to.

In answering that question I noticed that it is no longer relevant for me where I am physically located.

What is relevant for me is where I am in my life experience. With that I refer to the inner processes that are shaping my life journey. From what I experience in my inner world to what is visible and tangible for others in the outer world. 

It is an unstoppable, uncontrollable flow that I feel drawn into. 

That's how 'where I am' feels. 

It feels as if I am on a wave. 

Not the dangerous, fast waves that were giving me the thrill I loved so much, or let's say: was addicted to.

This is a calm wave.

Yet powerful enough to completely overflow my Western (Dutch) conditioning. I feel I cannot do anything else anymore than surrender to where ever that wave brings me. Exactly as I learned in living a life that is guided by ancient African wisdom. 

It is no longer up to my personal soul. 
It is up to the higher, Cosmic plan for my soul.

Resistance to what we don’t know, fighting against what doesn’t feel right, striving for what we do want… these were my inner fires to drive change in the world. But all of these energies seem to vanish. 

I no longer feel the pressure and the burden of performance and success in my dedication to create the greatest possible impact during this life time on earth.

I know I am here to create the greatest possible impact. 

Where I am is an amazing experience of fine-tuning. From automatic pro-active doing to allowing myself to sit back and (thinking I) do nothing to: 

  • Yes for sitting back, so I am open to receiving Cosmic guidance 
  • Yes for doing, but in a whole new way.

A way that I gradually learned to master since the first wave I consciously experienced (in 2012).

A way that I now pass on to awakened souls who are like me. The ones with a calling and dedication to create the greatest possible impact. A way that is based on ancient African wisdom. A way that matches our soul’s purpose and allows us to prosper while serving humanity at the highest level.

It is all about knowing exactly how to influence what at exactly the right moment in time, so we positively influence the course of humanity in the most powerful way.

Can you imagine how fast we will manifest a new paradigm world in the moment these individual souls will unite forces in a shared mission? I can.

In June 2019, I felt guided to step back from my mission to create a collective in Ghana. I had to be in solitude to learn how to handle the Cosmic shifts and the increase in frequency on earth. I had to accept my role as a conduit for these frequencies. 

Now, June 2022, I feel guided to reconnect to my mission to create a collective. It is time for Creators 4 Humanity to expand. 

It is still a whisper, but powerful enough to listen to. To trust and follow this voice of my soul. To allow it to merge as one with the Cosmic Creation Energy that now flows through me as an unstoppable, uncontrollable wave. 

Because now is the time to quantum leap our impact.