A Bright Journey I Back to our Roots contributes to a Universal World

a bright journey
UNIVERSAL WORLD. It is almost two weeks ago that we launched the documentary Back to our Roots, inspired by my life story and way of life in connection with Africa and The Rhythms of Africa. It took me a while to process all the beautiful, personal responses.
In the film that became Back to our Roots, filmmaker Sandra Korse did what I felt was intended: she has masterfully blended my "Western Ego" with that what I AM ONE with, in Ghana. So that my true Africa could take its place in the spotlight. So that what I serve could emerge from the shadows and shine in its inner authenticity and authority. So that Mama Africa, reflected in the wisdom, power and potential of her people, can be restored to her original glory.

This gem of a film closes the circle of 15 years of learning-and- living-by-experiencing in connection with my African Masters in The Rhythms of Life. In my co-creations with potentially powerful, self-conscious leaders of transformation, brilliant dreams were successfully realised and younger generations inspired.

For me, Back to our Roots is a tribute to Mama Africa, (Northern) Ghana, her people and her original, authentic way of life. It is our gift to the world.

And yes, maybe this film will help to heal the present world and its distorted cultures and people. So that, based on ancient wisdom, a more universal, new world can emerge for generations to come.

In the video:
During the creation process of Back to our Roots, Latif Mumuni (Creator 4 Humanity) shared with Sandra who I am when I feel completely free to be in this world as my true self. Thank you Latif, thank you all. I am grateful 🙏💓🌟