Sandra's Journey | 3. The Rhythms of Africa

sandra's journey

Sandra's journey. During a period of 4 months, filmmaker Sandra Korse journeyed with us in The Rhythms of Africa. It leads to the documentary 'Back to our roots' (expected release January 2022). She captured the creation process and her inner journey in short video's and writings. 

Carole about The Rhythms of Africa 
A late afternoon in Karimenga. My heart literally skips a beat when we arrive at the dam, one of Carole's favourite spots. On the one side the water is surrounded by a raised hill and on the other side it is framed by these beautiful big trees.

A herd of cows just leaves. When they are gone, the only sounds that are left are the sounds of nature. It is quiet but in an interesting way, because nature never really is quiet. The wind rustles, the birds chirp and the crickets sing.

Carole sits down and shares some wonderful insights about the rhythm of life. The rhythms of nature. You can join in on Carole’s sharing at the lakeside in this video.