Sandra's Journey | 2. Sunrise at the dam

sandra's journey

Sandra's journeyDuring a period of 4 months, filmmaker Sandra Korse journeyed with us in The Rhythms of Africa. It leads to the documentary 'Back to our Roots' (expected release January 2022). Sandra captured the creation process and her inner journey in short video's and writings. 

Sunrise at the dam in Karimenga 
It's nearing the end of another sunny day in Karimenga as Carole takes me to one of her favourite places: the dam. On our way, the locals warmly greet us in Frafra, the local language.

I don't get much further than "buliga" and "nabaa", which means so much as "good morning" and the response to that. But that's of no use at this time of day. So I smile when I hear Carole exchange the hellos and how are yous with the locals.

The next day in the early morning I go back to this magical place and decide to sit in front of the camera myself and share my special experience of that week. You will learn all about it in this video.

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