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Karimenga, Upper-East Ghana

When you have read my book This is my true Africa or watched the documentary Back to our Roots you already know that Karimenga is my Home of all homes.

It is the place where my soul belongs.

In a rural community with approximately 500 people in Northern Ghana. The so-called “poorest of the poor” people in the world.

Since this year, my own authentic tiny house in a circle-shaped compound is a fact. It is a round hut created from a mixture of sand and cement and dried grass as the roof.

My main focus these days is about:

  • Taking the best possible care of my natural life energy in alignment with the Cosmic and Planetary increase of frequencies
  • Downloading and fully integrating these New Earth frequencies: physical, mental, emotional and etheric level
  • Realising the next steps and levels with my co-creative partners at the moment it matters
  • Guiding aware, visionary creators on their pathway of becoming New Paradigm leaders via the Quantum Impact Expedition (online)

Besides all this, I contribute my part to daily life as it is and unfolding in every moment for my people in Karimenga. 

Be it at the Volta Sustainable Farm where it is all about ecological farming and real-life education.

It is always a joy to do my little contribution to the harvesting processes. While allowing myself to be inspired by the power of teamwork that is based on ancient African wisdom:

Men, women and children flow harmoniously together as each of us is doing exactly what is needed in every moment to complete our common task. 

Be it in/around The Greenhouse where it is all about honouring our community values.

For example, helping women and children when they are on the heavy physical task to fetch water from the well. Or just walking around and responding to what comes my way.

Most often leading to fun with the children, trying to pick up the local language, or having uplifting conversations with the English-speaking women about their daily life struggles.

So much in our togetherness to be thankful for…

What are you thankful for today?

“Once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for,
you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack”.

Germany Kent

Carole Donkers 
Serving aware, visionary creators in quantum manifesting the greatest possible impact

This writing is the first of a series in which I am sharing my experiences during my current journey of exploring in Ghana: 

The New Paradigm Pathway from Poverty to Prosperity - As it naturally unfolds at the root of existence, from a true African perspective and life experience.

Which is a very important part of my soul's highest purpose: To manifest and create a world of Unity Consciousness, in which there is Infinite Prosperity 4 all!

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