How are your finding your way?

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Nowadays there is a huge number of (online) speakers, self-help books, courses, coaches, counsellors, programs, Facebook groups and YouTube videos available for you. 

They all tell you that and how they can help you develop A, B, C, D and E. 

How are you finding your way in this growing jungle of possibilities? 

Perhaps you have already experienced that the quick solutions for your problems that are offered in 10 steps, 5 ways, 20 lessons and 100 tips do not work? 

In my perspective, based on 20 years of experience in the area of human and business development, a step by step plan from A to B or a method that is claimed to work for everyone, does not work. It does not work because life is not a linear project. 

One of the main lessons that ancient African wisdom taught me is: 

Life is an organic, natural and cyclical process 

A step by step plan or method does not work because every person is unique.

You are a unique human being. On your unique life journey. In your unique phase of developing and awakening. So, what worked for me is not necessarily what works for you. 

My personal evolution and inner Mastery are my highest priority in life, so I have always been investing in myself. That is how I discovered that the proven methods and techniques of others, usually did not help me.

All that well-intentioned advice does one thing to me. It challenges me not to start from what someone else says I must do. (I hereby confess that I naturally and automatically experience resistance in myself when someone tells me what to do and how to do it…;-)). 

Our soul expands through experiences.

By experiencing what you do and do not want for yourself.

By discovering what you truly long for and the dream you carry at heart.

By figuring out who and what your true self is and who and what does or does not match with.

By journeying in and through the opportunities that life provides you.

By facing all the challenges, the pain, the fear and the doubts that show up for you to learn from.

That is why all my (online) programs have always been set up as real-life Expeditions. Because the only formula that works for everyone is:

Figure out your true and unique life as you go! 

Easier said than done though…
Figuring your true and unique life might be one of the most challenging journeys you will ever make. 

That is why support of the right guide is important.

Someone who understands exactly what you are going through and who holds you in your highest light. Which means they encourage you and confront you during the challenging and stressful times of transformation that you can no longer escape from.  

My guides have been, and still are, the blessings in my life during my journey of figuring out who I truly am, what my highest purpose is and what unique Road Map to follow. 

That's why I do tell you one thing: Stop struggling on your own.

Know how to recognise the right guide for you and dare to invest once you have met him/her.

Because you are worth it. Because the best moment is now.