Mwintombo & Literati Bards | Hakila Zoomba!

wiyaala and mwintombo

The HAKILA ZOOMBA! song features St. Louis School Choir in Wa (Upper-West Ghana) and Afro pop singer & songwriter Wiyaala. Wiyaala also produced the video in her community, Funsi.

The term "HAKILA ZOOMBA!" is coined out of a word in the local language "Waalii/Dagaarii". "Hakila" means brain/sense and "Zoomba" comes from the English word "Zoom" which means to expand or broaden.

Thus, literally, "HAKILA ZOOMBA!" is a prayer chant meaning: "May my brain broaden".

Hence, the affirmative response "Zoomba! Zoomba!" simply means "Broaden! Broaden!"

The song has its own dance and there is also a book titled HAKILA ZOOMBA! RHYTMS - African Poems for Children.

The HAKILA ZOOMBA! creations are learning materials used by Literati Creations; an initiative of Pobee Mwintombo. It was established to re-awaken the natural creativity within children and to connect them to their true African Identity.

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