Sandra's Journey | 6. Diving deeper

sandra's journey

Sandra's journey. Filmmaker Sandra Korse journeyed with us in The Rhythms of Africa. She captured the creation process and her inner journey in short video's and writings. 

A few days ago, Carole asked me what the word “beauty" means to me. A simple question, I think by myself. But there is a lesson to be found in the simplicity of the question, I learn a few days later.

Magical glow
I walk to the dam to enjoy the sunset. I take my notebook with and I write down a number of things that come to mind with regards to the word beauty. When I look at my list, I see that I mainly wrote down where I experience beauty: the light that gives everything a magical glow, the depth of someone's soul, someone's choice of words, in colours, in ways to celebrate life.

Wonderful points, but it doesn’t answer the question “What is beauty?”

I let the question sink in again.

A few days later I walk through the community very peacefully and I realise that beauty is about purity, authenticity and simplicity.

A deep realisation dawns on me that beauty can be found in simplicity. When life simplifies, you reach another level of depth. And in that depth we will find an unlikely beauty. The beauty of our own soul.

That evening I find myself at the dam again. I realise that I would feel out of place if I were to be here on my own. The fact that I travel with Carole to experience and capture the true Africa makes it feel right. This insight shows me that everything changes once you live the life your soul desires to live. Then everything shifts. Things get a different color. Then there is beauty in even the simplest of tasks.

In awe
When I walk back to the Greenhouse a lady with a big machete on her head walks past. She is on her way to the forest to collect wood. When we pass each other, a big smile appears on her face. And on mine, because OMG what a privilege to be here in Karimenga and experience all this. It simply leaves me in awe.

It shows me that when we feel the call to discover what it is that our soul longs for and we decide to live by it, life shows itself in all its glory. And if you allow yourself to experience that, everything changes. Then helping on the farm suddenly turns from a simple task into an incredibly special experience. Are you joining me?

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