A Bright Journey | Why and how can Africa help us?

a bright journey

Carole's journey
Around the age of twelve I read the book Roots, about the life of the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte.

My question: why do people in Africa need the help of ‘the West’? I decided to go to Africa one day to find the answer. 

Once I had the courage to start following my African Dream, it led me to the North of Ghana. At an incredibly deep level within me, I reconnected to a rhythm that I missed in life in the Netherlands.

The Ghanaian spoken word artist Mwintombo described this sensation with the words:

“Life has rhythm. Nature has its rhythm. Rhythm is the sound of life. In Africa there is rhythm in everything we do. From sweeping the floor to the natural rhythm of your breath while sleeping”.

It was the start of an inner journey of exploration with help of The Rhythms of Africa...

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