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Money is a topic that fascinated me endlessly while living and working in Ghana. 

Money is a daily struggle for many people. Some of the awakened souls (Creators 4 Humanity) I started working with, didn't even know how to get food in the evening. 

And yet, I noticed they were incredibly dedicated to creating the greatest possible impact. They were motivated to add positive value to society with whatever was in their power. They even gave away the little they had to the ones who needed it more. 

What a difference from what life in Dutch society had taught me! 

I grew up in the belief that life is about making money to get what we need or want in life. And of course, we donate something to charity too. Be it money or stuff that we are no longer interested in. 

We all have to do what feels right for us. What felt right for me was to live and work side by side with these Creators 4 Humanity, without any income attached. I felt a calling to understand their drivers from the inside out. 

Since then (2015) the way of life I was used to in the Netherlands didn't feel right for me anymore. It suddenly felt so superficial... 

Which motivated me to explore and create an alternative way of life. 

With the Creators 4 Humanity as my teachers in ancient African wisdom, I learned to master 4 principles of prosperous living:

  • We are 100% responsible for what our life is
  • The essence in life is our soul's destiny 
  • True freedom is within
  • Independency is an illusion

Taking 100% responsibility for our life means that we know we are on earth to positively contribute to society. 

Our soul's callings are showing us the way to what we are here to contribute. We follow through with whatever is asked of us. Because we trust that life always brings us the situations that our soul needs to expand in service of humanity. 

The moment I completely understood this ancient African wisdom by experiencing it, I started living it. That is the moment my life started to transform completely and shaped itself in alignment with my soul's destiny. 

My journey taught me a huge lesson that I can only encourage you to go through. 

Only when you feel fearless and free in following your soul's callings without knowing exactly how that will work out for you (financially), will you understand the true purpose you are here to live. 

That is why I created the High Impact Expeditions. These provide a safe environment to discover your true purpose and experience what it means to live it. 

While you go through the experience, you will learn how to relate to money (and life) in a whole new way.

A way that aligns with your highest soul's purpose and allows you to prosper while serving humanity at the highest level. 

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In Light & Service, 

Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright)
Helps awakened souls to quantum leap their impact with ancient African wisdom