Hey you!
My name is Carole Donkers
(a.k.a. Kay Bright and 'The White Africana'). 

In this video, I share my highest vision, purpose and my perspective on how to realise it in daily life.

Time to shift the paradigm 

After helping thousands of people to reconnect with their inner power, potential and wisdom, I can conclude that my story is just one of many examples.

Not an example of what is wrong with people, but of what is wrong with the current paradigm that our societies and systems are built on. A paradigm that no longer serves us. 

My story is that of a human being who got lost in the illusion of life according to societal conditioning. Social conditioning that is based on a paradigm that never felt true for me. Conditioning that prevents many self-conscious leaders with a passion to serve, from thriving.

(Potential) High Impact Leaders, who are dedicated to realise their vision and have a positive impact on the planet. Who realise that we have to become what we desire the world to be.

Can you imagine how much power, potential and wisdom is hidden and wasted in societies as they are today?! I can. It is too much.

Not to speak of the emotional, mental and physical problems that can come forth from experiences like my own. Too many.

Now is the time to shift the paradigm.

To shift and create a New Paradigm World, we need more high vibe influencers, entrepreneurs and leaders who create the greatest possible impact. The world needs you to stand in the truth of who you truly are and perform at your highest frequency!


Who is that African girl?

While following the pathway of my passion for learning and my vision for the world, I grew into the role of a High Impact Entrepreneur and Leader.

It discovered that it is my highest purpose to contribute to the manifestion of a New Paradigm World of Unity Consciousness.

I contribute to that by growing and nurturing an ever-evolving community of High Impact Entrepreneurs. 

In the light of this purpose, I am dedicated to guiding awakened entrepreneurs on the journey of becoming High Impact Entrepreneurs.

While living our highest purpose, we unite forces to co-create more equal opportunities for more people.

Erik Smithuis, Netherlands

Founder ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen, Speaker, Author

“Rarely do I meet people who have and embody such a complete vision.

Carole is the living example of the creative ability and entrepreneurship I believe in for the future.”

Dana Miccuci, USA

Award winning Author, Journalist, Speaker, Healing practitioner

“Working with Carole was an honour and a joy. I found our deep 1-on-1 sessions to be enlivening and uplifting. Carole brings such passion, devotion and intelligence to everything she undertakes. And she leads authentically from her heart.

She is a radiant force of light, love and healing in the world and will be in service to many”.

Are you an awakened entrepreneur?

As an awakened entrepreneur you:

  • Know deep within you that you are here on Earth with a mission
  • Hold a vision that can change the world and are willing to do what it takes to realise that
  • Want to have a positive impact with everything you do
  • Feel that your personal evolution is one of the highest priorities in life


Lately you feeling stuck and captured there where you are. You don’t seem to find the way out despite all your attempts to move forward. It is so frustrating that you are not reaching the potential of what you could be doing!

  • Are you sick and tired of struggling your way forward?
  • Are you done playing it small?
  • Do you want to liberate yourself from what is holding you back every time you take a step in the right direction?

It might be your time to become a High Impact Entrepreneur.

Take your first step and connect with me in my high-vibe community of awakened entrepreneurs. It is all about learning how to create the greatest possible impact. 

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Why and how can Africa help us transform?

Download the mp3 audio in which Carole answers this question via her deep transformative story.