As an ascending soul dedicated to creating the greatest possible impact, it can be frustrating not to live up to the potential of what we know we could be doing.
We know we can have a positive impact when we follow our soul's callings, but the strategies to success we have learned don't resonate with who we truly are. The way we were taught to perform doesn't feel in alignment with what we desire to create. We can’t explain why, we just feel something isn't right. But what is the alternative?
I completely understand. I too struggled with what performance and success look like in the western dominated paradigm. 
That is when I began tuning into ancient African wisdom, which allows us to quantum leap our manifestations. This opens up a whole new way of being successful in creating the greatest possible impact.
A fulfilling way that aligns with our soul's purpose and allows us to prosper while serving humanity at the highest level.
I invite you to discover together with me how to:

Quantum leap your impact 
with ancient African wisdom 


Would you like to get a personal feel of how I serve? These are the possibilities to connect with me directly (online, free).

Energy alignment session 
Once a month I create the opportunity for 1 awakened soul in our community, to receive a free Energy Alignment Session.

My intention is to liberate your soul from the limiting imprints around performance, success and money. So you feel fearless and free in following your soul’s destiny and manifesting a prosperous life while serving humanity at the highest level.  

Reconnection circle
Once a month I facilitate a community gathering in the ancient African wisdom, around a specific topic/ energy transmission I feel guided to. 

Coming together with like-hearted, awakened souls amplifies the light frequency within each of us, so you can be and serve at a higher level in your own environment. 

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Yes, I would love to be informed about the opportunity for a free session and reconnection circle.



"The documentary Back to our Roots is the story of one woman in search of truth. We follow Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) in her life quest: How to create a brighter world for all of us?
As she moves in her true Africa, we meet some of the people who helped her find the answers to all her life questions.
While Carole guided these Creators 4 Humanity on their journey of becoming succesful social entrepreneurs, they showed her the pathway to her true Self, her higher purpose and a New Paradigm World in Unity Consciousness." - Sandra Korse, Soulful documentary filmmaker 
The experiences, lessons and insights led to the creation of Quantum Impact Expeditions. These are specifically designed for ascending souls who want to learn how to quantum leap their impact with ancient African wisdom.
Watch the trailer or CLICK HERE for the full documentary (free)

Online expeditions

High Impact Expeditions (online)

  • Do you feel called to create the greatest possible impact?
  • Are fears and doubts holding you back?
  • Are you sick and tired of struggling your way forward without seeing fulfilling results?
  • Do you want to positively influence the course of humanity most powerfully? 

It can be frustrating not to live up to the full potential of what you could be doing. You know you can have a huge positive impact if you realise your visions. But the strategies to success you are taught by education and society, don't resonate with who you truly are. You can't explain why. You just feel deep within you that something isn't right.

Ancient African wisdom opens up a whole new way of being successful in creating the greatest possible impact.

Do you want to learn how to accelerate the manifestation of the visions that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose and allow you to prosper while serving humanity at the highest level? 

Quantum Impact Expeditions are transformational real-life programs, one-on-one and/or in community. These are specifically designed for ascending souls who are ready to quantum leap their impact with ancient African wisdom.

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Are you ready to co-create the next level of life on earth?  

Join us and connect with me, Carole, in our high-vibe community of awakened and ascending souls who come together to learn about creating the greatest possible impact in a whole new way. 

The moment you feel ready to invest in the creation of the impact you dream of, you can book a Discovery call with me.

In this call, we will discover if I am the right guide for you and if you qualify for the High Impact Expeditions and at what level.

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Our highest potential

Hey you!

My name is Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright). I am born and raised in the Netherlands (Europe). Ghana (West-Africa) is where I live and work most of the time.  

Have you ever wondered: How much easier (work)life would be if you allow (y)our natural rhythm to guide you in creating it? I did. I share my discoveries in the video. 

It is just one of the many questions I had after finishing my theoretic Master in Educational Science. My passion is what I missed most in school and love to do most in life: exploring life in all that it is and creating (online) transformational Expeditions from my discoveries. 



As a certified transformation coach and facilitator in quantum energy healing, I feel fortunate to have guided thousands of motivated souls in trusting who they truly are, so they start living their true purpose.  

2010 was the year in which I won the competition 'Best social business plan' with my vision on a brighter world for all of us.  My model was selected as one of the first 25 New Business Models in the Netherlands (2013).  

I am a humble receiver of the World Humanitarian Award in Ghana (2018). 

This is my True Africa is my first published book (2020). The inner child in me was the inspiration for the documentary Back to our Roots (January 2022).   

In this phase of my life journey I am dedicated to take you through the experience of becoming a Cosmic Creator 4 Humanity. This is based on my discoveries during 25 years of expertise in experiential learning of which 10 years as a social entrepreneur in Northern-Ghana (or: The Rhythms of Africa).

From my own experience I know how frustrating it can be not to reach where you know you could be. That's why it shouldn't be so hard for you to really believe in your own potential and the impact you are so dedicated to create!

Are you ready to learn how to quantum leap your impact with ancient African wisdom?
Are you willing to do what it takes to:

live a prosperous life while serving humanity at the highest level? 

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